Hardrock Holdings & Investment Co. Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated under the companies Act (Cap. 486). The nature of the company is to carry on the business as estate agents, Management of properties, property developers and to develop, purchase, acquire, buy and sell of properties. It is owned by a group of Kenyans of various professional and business backgrounds. The company was started as an investment vehicle with an aim of synergistically pooling resources together to enable the group to do what would otherwise be difficult for one individual to do. The company has 3 shareholders and 4 Directors.

The shareholders, Directors and the Management of Hardrock have an incredible and demonstrated experience in this nature of business and transaction. We have done a number of successful projects such as Muthaiga Palm Garden (Hard Rock) and many others. This experience has been built over a period of time and we are confident to say that our success is based and founded on firm successful Business Experience, Unique model and the Integrity of our team that is embedded inside of us.

The model is to facilitate development of gated communities with the following facilities;

  • Water and power reticulation to every plot
  • Storm water drainage
  • Estate road with paving blocks finish
  • Overhead street lighting
  • Perimeter wall
  • Building designs for the plots buyers to choose from ( Controlled gates community)

The team is never driven by super profit but the strategy is always to price the plots at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. Over time, we have built a number of repeat clients and in all the projects that we have undertaken in the past, we have been selling them before completion of the project due to the quality and level of value addition that is given to the work.

The awareness of the fact that building industry in Kenya and the greater Eastern Africa Region is growing rapidly with majority of Kenyans having started laying focus on providing secure shelter for themselves and their families the building and construction industry has proved to one of the most lucrative business for an investor at this time and with the massive experience gained by the shareholder of Hardrock, the dream of the company is at the edge of fulfillment.